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Sedona Hotels and Tourist Attractions

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Sedona Hotels and Tourist Attractions

Sedona is one of the more popular places to visit in Arizona. It seems to have no end to it’s attractions. From natural canyons and rocks, to museums and art galleries, Sedona seemingly has it all. It has things to do for groups or for the individual traveler, and families will have fun here too.

If you plan on visiting Sedona, you will probably need somewhere to stay. And having a heads up on great things you can do isn’t a bad idea either. There are many hotels and resorts in and around Sedona, and as mentioned earlier, attractions that will attract everyone.

Sedona Hotels

Sedona Hotels are very varied. Some are more expensive and luxurious, while some are as simple as the average hotel or motel. Some hotels are located more in the wilderness and have a camping feel. Since there are over 50 places you can choose to stay in, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs exactly.

The most popular resorts in Sedona are the Enchantment Resort and the Junipine Resort. Also there are the Adobe Grand Villas which isn’t exactly a resort, but it’s the top-rated place to stay in Sedona. You get your own personal villa, so it can be used as a romantic or as a family get away. All these resorts are well reviewed for their luxurious feel, and the features they include as well. If you are looking for something less expensive, don’t worry. Sedona has plenty of still nice options for you.

There are plenty of hotels and inns you can choose from in Sedona. There are a few Days Inn hotels, which is a popular hotel chain. The La Vista Motel also gets very good reviews, and it’s incredibly nice for a motel. Also the Sedona Village Lodge is very affordable. Star Motel gets great reviews too. Basically, there are no shortage of normal hotels to choose from in Sedona. So you should just do a little research, and you’d be surprised with the options you have. Many of the hotels also offer things like free wifi and free continental breakfast. It varies from hotel to hotel.

Sedona Tourist Attractions

Sedona tourist attractions are everywhere. You can see tourist attractions all around you. There are things here for everyone. For nature lovers, Sedona isn’t called Red Rock Country for no reason. But if you prefer other man-made things, there are still a few things for you to do and enjoy here.

Even though Sedona offers other things, the main attractions here have to do with the scenery and the nature of the city. There are some seasonal art galleries, and the city has a museum too. There are also good places to play golf and tennis, and some are in scenic areas where you can take photos with the towering red rocks in the background. Some of the most famous attractions in Sedona are:

  • Cathedral Rock.
  • Oak Creek Canyon.
  • Bell Rock.
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross.
  • West Forest Trail.

And there are many others. Most of the attractions listed are rock and canyon formations you can visit and explore. There are many canyons and trails here you can take to view the scenery around you. There are also things like stargazing you can do, and you can drive by a bunch of rock formations too. Sedona is mainly for people who like the outdoors and exploring, but other people can definitely enjoy it too. So if you like nature and you want to explore it, Sedona is definitely one of the best places you could ever go.

Sedona is a city for everyone. It’s full of nature that hasn’t been altered in any way, but it’s also got a museum and seasonal art shows for people who prefer things like that. So no matter what activities you love you can probably find something here that you’ll love. And the hotel options you’ll have are incredible too. There are world-class resorts, and then there are nice but more budget-friendly hotels and lodges.

So if you are looking for somewhere to take a vacation, or just to have a weekend-get away, consider Sedona as your destination! And don’t forget to visit some of the great attractions as well. Not nearly all of Sedona’s great attractions have been mentioned, so see if there’s something else Sedona offers that you’d like to see. So if you are going or are thinking about going to Sedona, here are some ideas about great hotels where you can stay and some great tourist attractions to see!

What to Expect when Visiting Sedona

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When searching for a place to visit in The Grand Canyon State, Sedona Arizona is considered by many to be one of the best and most popular destinations. This city offers a multitude of natural wonders from its gorgeous rock formations or monoliths to its lush forests. It’s also one of the few American communities that have successfully preserved the local culture, arts, and traditions. Aside from enjoying its natural wonders, visitors love the city’s galleries, boutiques, and specialty shops.

Sedona’s Geography and Climate
Sedona is located in the northern part of Arizona on the Sonoran Desert. It borders Flagstaff on the north, the Coconino County on the east, Phoenix is 130 miles on its south, and Jerome is 20 miles on its west to southwest border. Sedona Arizona has a total land area of 18 square miles. It boasts a number of unique red rocks sandstone formation known as the Schnebly Hill Formation. Among the most popular monoliths include Thunder Mountain, the Cathedral, and Coffeepot. On the city’s northern part, the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon is located.

Sedona offers that unique dessert temperatures. During the hot summer days, temperatures could scale up to the 35 to 36 degree Celsius range. While during the colder days and on the night, temperatures could be a chilling 0 degrees Celsius. The amount of rainfall received by the city is also quite minimal at 19 inches or 480 mm a year.

A Brief History of Sedona Arizona

Sedona was originally an agricultural community. But because of its natural wonders, the focus eventually shifted into tourism. Its first inhabitants were the Native Americans and it’s only during 1876 that the Anglo-American settlement has started led by John James Thompson. During 1902, there were only about 20 families which performed farming and ranching. Also during this period, Theodore Schnelbly petitioned for the creation of a postal station which was named in honor of his wife Sedona.

Although tourism was already blooming before the 1950s, Sedona only gained widespread popularity after the painter Max Ernst and other popular artists were attracted to its beauty and eventually lured to move to Sedona. Aside from aesthetic arts, Sedona Arizona has also attracted several people in search for meditative or psychic energy healing of Earth’s natural elements or wonders.

Things visitors can do in Sedona

If you are planning to visit Sedona, there are several places for you to visit and recreational activities for you to perform. Some popular options include the following.
- Nature tripping. Of course, the primary activity you could do in and on the outskirts of the city is to witness and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sedona is known as the Red Rock Country because of the gorgeous and unique red to orange monoliths that stand tall and seemingly act as guard towers of the city. Aside from its natural wonders, Sedona is very peaceful and quiet.

- Hiking and biking. The best way to enjoy nature in Sedona is to hike or bike on its lush green forests and vibrant red rock attractions. The city has a large network of trails like the Red Rock Scenic Byway created just for these activities or purposes.

Camping, picnics, and Sedona hotels.

- Of course, what’s the most popular family activity outdoors other than camping and picnicking? Sedona has also plenty of rivers, lakes, and other body forms for fishing and other water activities.

- Visiting museums, galleries, or local shops. Sedona Arizona is home to a multitude of artists. And there are museums, galleries, and other art places where you could see their work. The local shops that offer unique Sedona products are also must tries.

The View from my Sedona Hotel

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Sedona Arizona is such an amazing and magical place. It has become very popular over the years but that is only because it is such a unique and spiritual environment. Nestled between Phoenix and Flagstaff, Sedona’s Red Rocks have become a favorite of celebrities, new age gurus and tourists looking for a place to relax and soak up the positive energy that envelopes this relatively small community.

View from Sedona Hotel

I recommend never visiting Sedona Arizona because you will never want to leave! Please heed my advice and avoid this wonderful place at all costs.

Sedona Lodging

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Sedona is a beautifully situated tourist destination located in Arizona. This area attracts a wide variety of tourists who typically stay in Sedona hotels. For those seeking additional luxury and adventure there are also Sedona cabins available that provide excellent accommodations for more nature-seeking travelers. In addition to these traditional lodgings, those searching for luxurious accommodations will be happy to frequent some of the resorts that offer fantastic amenities. Before planning your trip to wonderful Sedona, always ensure that you have done your research on the most appropriate lodging for your needs. If you are planning to visit some of the nearby attractions such as the Grand Canyon, you can extend this nature centric trip focus into your lodging of choice and stay in one of the beautifully appointed cabins. When choosing locations for larger groups, some of the Sedona resorts that are well equipped with high-class infrastructure and spa facilities will be appealing to your group. This location is quickly becoming one of the best and most family-friendly tourist destinations in the United States today. With its striking beauty and splendid hotels, there are a number of different reasons to visit this popular city.

When searching for a hotel location that is set in the middle of the town center, the Hyatt Pinon point offers a location closer to crafts Village and the popular Sedona arts Center. Travelers will be happy to find that the chapel of the Holy Cross is also within close proximity of hotel property. The Hyatt also includes a children’s pool and play area of in addition to having a spot of and a fitness facility for its guests. When looking for a Sedona hotel, this location may be a perfect fit for those looking for a location closer to the town center. Another property that is gaining in popularity is the orchards in Sedona. Located upon a hilltop across North Highway in uptown, this Sedona resort boasts rooms and suites that give Fantastic views of the surrounding red rocks. Similar to many of the other properties, dislocation offers amenities like a complementary breakfast, outdoor pool and hot tub, and even has accommodations for pets. One of its key features is the trolley service that provides visitors the opportunity to visit Oak Creek and arts village.

Whether your goal is to find a romantic location for you and your spouse or if you’re looking for convenient lodging that is near all of the tourist attractions that Sedona has to offer, there are many hotels that will be perfect for the needs of your particular group. When looking for lodging and accommodations for your trip to this beautiful area, always weigh your options. There are a wide variety of unique lodgings available to travelers when visiting this beautiful city nestled among the giant red rock monoliths. If you haven’t booked your trip, do it today and get a jump-start on visiting this charming destination. You can take comfort in knowing that you should have no problem finding the Sedona hotels that are right for you and your specific requirements.

Hotel Accommodations in Sedona

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If you are looking for a great travel destination for your vacation this year, you should consider Sedona Arizona.  Sedona is a wonderful place for singles, families and couples.  Whether you are looking for an affordable hotel to stay at in Sedona, or you would prefer to stay at a luxury resort, Sedona has the right lodging accommodations for you.  The following is a bit of information about Sedona, and some recommendations of Sedona Hotels that you may want to consider staying at on your trip to Sedona.

Sedona Arizona: Home of the Red Rocks

In Verde Valley in Arizona, you will find beautiful Sedona.  Sedona’s Red Rocks have been captured by many photographers and filmmakers, both professional and amateur.  The name ‘Red Rocks’ has been given to the rocky landscape in Sedona because of the way that the rocks are illuminated in beautiful hues of orange and red when the sun sets and rises.  The breathtaking scenery in Sedona is highly regarded as one of the most majestic sights in all of the American West.

Sedona Hotels

One of the best things about Sedona Hotels is the fact that there are lodging accommodations available for every price range.  If you will soon be vacationing in Sedona, you may wish to consider staying at one of these highly recommended hotels and resorts.

Budget Lodging Recommendation: Days Inn Kokopelli Sedona

For affordable lodging, Days Inn hotels are always a good choice.  The Days Inn Kokopelli is located in Sedona Arizona, and offers competitively priced rooms for travelers who wish to spend less on hotel rooms and more on daily activities and entertainment.  The Days in Kokopelli offers the usual amenities such as a swimming pool, high speed internet, and daybreak breakfast.  Best of all, some of their rooms have Red Rock views, so that you can get a luxurious view for a much cheaper price than you would pay at a Red Rock resort.

Mid-Range Lodging Recommendation: La Quinta Inn

La Quinta Inn is a great option for a mid-range Sedona Hotel.  La Quinta Inn features top notch room service dining, a heated pool and hot tub, comfortable beds and spacious rooms.  One unique feature of this hotel is that they are pet friendly, meaning that you can bring your pet along and they can stay in your room and not have to remain outdoors for the evening.  La Quinta Inn also has a fitness center and a business center that you can use if you are a guest at the hotel.

Luxury Dining Recommendation: L’Auberge Resort

If you are in search of a luxury resort in Sedona, you should definitely consider staying at L’Auberge Resort.  Situated in the Red Rocks of Sedona, L’Auberge Resort features some of the most amazing views you can see in all of Sedona.  Guests can choose between Lodge Rooms, Suites, and Cottages, which all offer different amenities.  L’Auberge has a fine dining restaurant, and also has a spa, so you can relax in style and eat in splendor as well.

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Hotel Tucson City Center InnSuites Conference Suite Resort

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Hotel Tucson City Center InnSuites Conference Suite Resort
Duration: 00:01:33
View: 664
Hotel Tucson City Center is nestled in Tucson's historic downtown near the Presidio Art Gallery district, University of Arizona and Tucson Medical Center featuring your choice of Studio InnSuites, Two-room Executive/Family Suites and Romantic Presidential Jacuzzi Suites. Whether you are a frequent Tucson hotel guest or this is your first visit to Hotel Tucson City Center, it is our commitment to provide the exceptional value, service, and hotel amenities and facilities you expect when you travel. We invite you to enjoy FREE: Hotel Tucson hot breakfast buffet featuring fruit, cereal, scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage and homemade Belgian waffles plus FREE Evening Social Hour to relax and meet new friends at PJ's Café. There are many other FREE Tucson hotel amenities available including Free reliable hard Wired Hi-Speed Internet access in every guest studio and suite, plus convenient Free Wireless Internet (WiFi) throughout our Olympic Pool area, Lobby, PJ's Café and guest studios & suites. Enjoy the olympic-size pool and over 14000 square feet of meeting space. Contact us for or more details on group, wedding or business meetings. 888-784-8324 or

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort

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Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
Duration: 00:08:36
View: 2,383
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort 7677 N 16th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85020 1-800-876-4683 Announcing the newly renovated Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. After an extensive, resort-wide $24 million dollar renovation, we welcome you to enjoy the hospitality that is indigenous to Hilton Hotels and Resorts throughout the world. Our all-suite property is home to the Hole-in-the-Wall River Ranch; themed dining experiences; Coyote Camp, our children's adventure program; championship golf at our sister property; relaxing spa and salon services; and diverse shopping options. So whether traveling for business or pleasure, Squaw Peak offers the ideal Arizona resort vacation destination.

Orange Tree Golf Resort located in Scottsdale, Arizona where it’s always sunny year round!

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Orange Tree Golf Resort located in Scottsdale, Arizona where it's always sunny year round!
Duration: 00:01:26
View: 4,823
The Orange Tree Golf Resort is one of Arizona's finest luxury golf vacation destinations. Recently awarded a finalist for the Scottsdale Green By Design Award from the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Orange Tree Golf Resort has been recognized by the community for it's green efforts in reducing non-recyclable waste, reducing water usage and implementing a recycling program on property.

Lake Havasu

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Lake Havasu
Duration: 00:04:09
View: 102,959
California travel expert Veronica Hill of tours Lake Havasu Az, London Bridge, Topock and Needles in this Colorado River episode of "California Travel Tips." Located on the border of California and Arizona, about 300 miles from Los Angeles, Lake Havasu sits along the Colorado River with Parker Dam to the south and Davis Dam to the north. Lake Havasu hotels include the chic new Lake Havasu hotel Heat and the Lake Havasu London Bridge Resort, home to the popular nightclub, Kokomos. Colorado River camping is available at The Islander Resort in Lake Havasu and Crazy Horse Campground. Havasu Palms and Black Meadow Landing are popular down near Parker Dam, and Palms River Resort is a good choice near Needles. In 2009, Pirate Cove Resort and the Naked Pirate Beach Bar opened in Needles to the delight of Lake Havasu party people. Along the river, there are a few gas stations for boaters. Topock Marina is one of the most popular stops, and its bar and grill serves up great burgers, ribs and other American barbecue fare. If you're looking for another great place to cool off with a cold drink, the Naked Turtle Beach Bar at Nautical Inn Resort in Lake Havasu always has a party going on. Speaking of parties, while you're here, don't miss Spring Break Lake Havasu hot spots like Copper Canyon, popular for cliff diving; Steamboat Cove, popular for Lake Havasu boat parties, and the famous sandbar in Topock Gorge. Topock Gorge Havasu National Wildlife Refuge ...

After Inauguration 2013 Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls

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After Inauguration 2013 Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls
Duration: 00:11:35
View: 0
AFTER: Inauguration 2013 | Video - ABC News - Traduzir esta página 1 dia atrás -- This is an ABC news Yahoo! News special -- street after the 2013. Presidential inauguration. Now from Washington. Here's ABC. And good ... After Inauguration 2013: Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls ... ► 11:35► 11:35 1 dia atrás - Vídeo enviado por ABCNews President Obama lays out his goals for second term in his inaugural address, and Michelle Obama's dress ... Mais vídeos para After Inauguration 2013 Best of the ... » Inauguration 2013 Tickets: January 21 Ceremony ... - Huffington Post - Traduzir esta página 08/11/2012 -- 21, 2013, Inauguration Day planning is now in full force. ... the swearing-in ceremony, inaugural address, parade and 11 official balls, there will be ... My office will do its best to notify you in a timely manner if you have received ... Inauguration 2013: Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls | Politic365 - Traduzir esta página Video. Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.39.06 AM · Inauguration 2013: Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls · Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 8.41.07 AM ... After Inauguration 2013: Best of the Ceremony, Inaugural Balls (ABC ... - Traduzir esta página Published Date: 2013-01-22 17:19:03, Category: News Time: 11.58 min ...